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Modern and Contemporary Paintings by Diana Francia

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My favorite subjects are religious, portrait, figure, landscapeanimalsand abstract. These are paintings, which represent my world and my circumstances, interior or exterior experiences, feelings, places, situations of life that remain in my mind, moments that I wish to capture in the memory, thoughts that I wish to convey to others. All of this reflected through the techniques of artistic painting; oil, acrylic and mixed-media, chock-full of texture, color, and gesture, in a figurative expressionist style with colors and textures that express my emotions and soul states
Through my paintings, I want to achieve more and more interior freedom and creativity. To make them generally I use canvas, although some are painted on wood. To achieve various shades of colors and textures I use oil and/or acrylic paint or mixed media technique, I use any medium that allows me to highlight my paintings; Using as a technique the painting knife and/or controlled drip of paint on the support used (Art dripping), Letting myself be carried away by the imagination or feeling of the moment. The subject matter that inspires me, comes from my desire to find how to paint certain situations of life among others, taking what is in my mind, trying to incorporate it into the canvas for the observer to receive the proper message.

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Online Art Gallery

Online Art Gallery by Diana Francia