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Press - News - Artist Diana Francia- Colombian painter
Press - News - Mexico - Art Diana Francia
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Press News Art Diana Francia


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Art by the Colombian artist Diana Francia - Press

Bibliographical of Radio and TV interviews, articles, reviews, published magazines, newspapers, exhibition catalogues, online magazines about the Colombian artist Diana Francia and her artwork

The inclusion her artwork in books. 

-Interview Zoom Channel TV, In My Individual Exhibition "I Feel Percent" At the El Callejón Gallery July 2016

-Interview  "Pazifico News TV Channel of the Collective Expo Realities and Visions of Mai Colombia

-Publication "Magazine Ciudad Nueva", Inauguration Kontemporarte 2015

-Interview for the Magazine TV CMI Channel, Diana Francia Is a Plastic Artist Who Expresses Emotions and Professionalism Channel One Television Program by Journalist Isabella Recio March 30/2016

-Magazine Cuidad Nueva, Web Publication "Pictorial Work Diana Francia Gómez - Body And Soul To The Nude" Dec.  2016 By Edgar Estupiñán

-CMI Chanel Uno TV, Report Of the Kontemporarte Exhibition, January 2016 Diana Francia

-Interview Zoom Channel, Program about the Angeles De Luna Foundation. January 2016

-Web Publication Telesurtv.Net Diana Francia -"Painting, Is Entering a Parallel World Created By Me - Oct 2015 

-Web Publication Lagrannoticia.Com, The Exhibition "Displacement, Dispossession and Territory, A Story To Tell" 2 015

-Magazine Virtual Mai Colombia  Edition No 10 By The Journalist Manuel Bermúdez  2015

-Publication of the Argentine Digital Magazine Appointment In the 
Diagonals, September / 2015

-Publication Of The Magazine, Profiles Of Mexico - Sinaloa Edition Of The 6 Of Sep. 2015 By The Journalist Yajaira Villareal

-Publication Magazine, the Congress. Publication Printed In The 184 Edition Of The Month Of September / 2015

-Publication Of The Newspaper The Debate Of Mazatlán - Mexico. Print Edition And The Web August 26/2015

-Note Channel Zoom TV  - Inauguration 20/20 - 2015 Wtc Bogotá May 11/2015

-Today Diariodelmagdalena.Com (Written Press And The Web) Event INAUGURATION 20/20 - 2015 WTC Bogotá May 7/2015

-Today Diariodelmagdalena.Com (Written Press And The Web) Event VI Santa Marta Religious Art Hall April 16/2015

-Today Newspaper of The Magdalena Printed Edition Thursday, 16 April 2015 Section Cultural & Society

-The online magazine, Event Soul Of The Earth Univ. Jorge Tadeo Lozano / Tito Pabón

-The online magazine, Event Soul Of The Earth Univ. Jorge Tadeo Lozano / Tito Pabón

-Magazine TV Channel Zoom, Interview By The Angels Of Moon Of The Theatrical Foundation Julio Cesar Luna

-Published magazine Cuidad Nueva, Printed Publication "Pictorial Work Diana Francia - Body And Soul To The Nude" Edition Of May 2014 By Edgar Estupiñán 

-Weaving Culture Virtual Publication Oct 31, 2014

-Interview in the Basic of TODELAR, Picantísimo Radio Program In 890 AM April 16, 2014 

-RCN TV Channel, News Note solo Exhibition Body And Soul To Nude Published On Thursday, March 6, 2014, In The Morning Broadcast. 

-Publication of the Newspaper El Tiempo - Edition Friday, February 28, 2014, Inviting To Visit My Individual Sample "Body And Soul To The Naked" (Page 2 Section "Must Do" media Printed “EL TIEMPO”

-Book Roots Of Our People 2013 Artist Selected To Participate In The 2013 Edition Organized By Arterraza And The Mayoralty Of Cota. Dec. 2013 Cota (Cundinamarca) -Colombia
-Www.Noroeste.Com.Mx "That the Art Breaks Barriers" Portal of Sinaloa, Culiacan México

-Online magazine Ojos.Com Edition 21 Guest Artist July 2013 

-Note To Hsbnoticias.Com Published: Jul 15, 20139: 29: 06 AM

-The Colombian Journal, July 13, 2013, Culture Section. Music and Art Outdoors "Peace Ambassadors Paint White In Tunja Boyacá

-RCN TV Channel, News Section, At The LM Hotel In Cartagena (Colombia) In The Broadcast On Tuesday, July 9, 2013, Where Three Art Collectives From Colombia, Mexico, And The USA Met To Paint In The Beautiful And Prestigious Hotel 

-COLOMBIArtística Blog In Europe June /

-Newspaper - El País - June 22/2013 Section People In The Tribute To The Master Angel Loochkartt In Cali (Colombia)

-Caliescribe.Com Virtual Magazine Cali Colombia Tuesday 19 Feb 2013 Edition N ° 95 (Theatrical Foundation Julio César Luna) 

-Caliescribe.Com Virtual Magazine Cali Colombia Monday 19 February 2013 Edition N ° 95 (Colombian Artists Exhibit at Art Show In Paris

-CALIESCRIBE.COM VIRTUAL MAGAZINE Cali Colombia Monday 19 February 2013 edition n ° 95 (Colombian artists exhibit at an Art Show in Paris

-La Diez Radio Online

-Express Virtual Magazine January 5, 2013, Diana France Gomez Ordonez in Paris - Painting - Art - Creativity

-Newspaper Of The Governance Section Culture And Environment Nov.

-20th International Miniart Exchange Gramado, RS-Brasil

-Catalog of The Sixth Version Of The Silent Auction, "The Night Of The Arts 2014" At The Residence Of The United States Ambassador In Colombia Organized By The American Society Of Bogota For The Benefit Of This Foundation Feb 14, 2014, Bogotá- Colombia

-Book VII Salon of Cundinamarca Artists "Policarpa Salavarrieta" Government of Cundinamarca Nov 2011 Http://Www1.Cundinamarca.Gov.Co/Gobernacion/Visornoticias.Aspx?Idnoticia=1476
Art by Diana Francia - Press, TV, Print Media, Online Magazines  

Art by Diana Francia - Press 

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